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Fences and decks are often overlooked as candidates for washing/cleaning, but a thorough professional cleaning and staining can make a “night-and-day” difference in the looks of your fence or deck. Moisture and UV rays can “age” a fence or deck quickly, especially those exposed to the hot sun all day — giving them that faded “gray” look. Treatment with a quality stain will protect and preserve the wood, prolonging the life and the looks of the wood while giving you years of enjoyment. Older fences and decks especially look transformed after a thorough cleaning and staining from Quality Pressure Washing of Houston. New fences and decks can be stained and preserved, as well — ensuring the wood maintains its looks and preserving the integrity of the wood longer. All our stains are oil-based penetrating stains that preserve the wood, and all are top-quality wood and deck stains from Standard Paints, manufacturers of Wood Defender Fence & Deck Stains. They come in either transparent or semi-transparent formulations.

New fences are treated with the transparent stains, and are guaranteed for 2 years. Older fences — “gray” wood fences or fences that need to be cleaned — are treated with the semi-transparent stains, and are guaranteed for 3 years.

Cleaning aged or “gray” wood fences is a 2-step process.

  • In the first step, a cleaning solution is sprayed on, using our soft wash machine. (This solution is allowed to dry — for up to several days).
  • The second step is to apply the stain.
  • I guess we could include a third step — where you now stand back and enjoy the look of your beautiful newly rejuvenated fence!

If your fence is new, it can be stained without cleaning. And, if you want to have a colored stain for your deck or fence (some people like using colored stains on their decks and fences) we have numerous stain colors from which to choose. We can help you select the right one for you — and all of them will improve the beauty and prolong the life of your fence or deck. Call us so we can discuss your particular application.


Step 1. Our cleaning process removes all the gray from an aged fence and prepares it for the stain.


Here is some information and color choices for Wood Defender




Wood Defender Fence Stain and Deck Stain Products The Contractor’s Choice

Wood Defender® fence stain and deck stain products saturate the surface of the lumber, penetrating into and sealing the wood, leaving the fence and wood with an even, uniform coating. No back brushing is required. The products are superior to competitive products that leave runs, drips and an uneven appearance. The fact that this product is so easy to apply coupled with the fact that it wipes off most non-porous surfaces makes it the contractors’ choice across America. Wood Defender® fence stain and deck stain products are manufactured by Standard Paints, Inc. Our contractor-grade commercial wood and fence staining products and deck stains have been designed to increase your productivity, by saving you both time and money. Standard Paints, Inc. offers three oil-based products in the Wood Defender® line: Transparent Fence Stain, Semi-Transparent Fence Stain, and Transparent Deck Stain.

Transparent and Semi-Transparent Fence Stains 

Each Wood Defender fence stain product is designed and formulated for a single purpose: fence staining. Compared to competitive products that are labeled “universal” the Wood Defender product line is superior in all aspects. Wood Defender is formulated for longevity, ease of application, and ease of re-coats.


Semi Transparent Fence Stain – Utilizes opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its unparalleled U.V protection. The combination of pigments offers increased square foot per gallon coverage. Offers a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Through its many years of service by dedicated applicators Wood Defender Semi-Transparent Fence Stain has become the “Contractors Choice”, out selling all other products we offer. Wood Defender “NOTHING ELSE COMPARES”.


Transparent Fence Stain – Utilizes ultra fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining the fence. Trans Oxide pigments are ground so fine they are very resistant to Ultra Violet Rays. The Transparent fence stain is commonly desired on a new Cedar or Redwood fence where the customer is striving to highlight and glorify the existing wood beauty. The Transparent Fence Stain and sealant is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Wood Defender “NOTHING ELSE COMPARES”.

Wood Defender™ Deck Stains Designed Specifically For Decks

Of the thousands of decks built on an annual basis, the vast majority go unprotected against the environment. Due to the difficulty associated with applying competitor’s stains, consumers unfortunately watch their investment gray over time and ultimately deteriorate. This problem has been solved with the Wood Defender line of stains. With the ease of application, cleanup, maintenance and longevity Wood Defender Deck Stain has become the contractor’s choice for deck care!

Wood Defender Deck Stains are designed specifically for application on decks. Most competitors’ products are universal, being used for both fences and decks. A universal product commonly lacks specific criteria for its intended purpose.

Wood Defender stains help to beautify outdoor decks, playground equipment, and contact type structures. The unique formula highlights and reveals all of the existing wood grain. The formula works to seal out the harsh effects of the environment. The average life of Wood Defender stains on a properly treated project is 2-3 years.

Wood Defender Transparent Deck Stains

Wood Defender Transparent Deck Stains are formulated for ease of application and re-coats while offering extended protection for decks. The deep penetrating oil formula utilizes a unique blend of oils, resins, bio protection and finely ground trans-oxide pigmentation. The combinations of ingredients are applied at 150 square foot per gallon to saturate the wood with protection, unlike competitive products that lay on the surface of the wood. This principle allows for lasting protection and easy re-coats.


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