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We do Multi-Family Projects

Apartments, Condominiums, or Townhomes; we clean them almost monthly. Not to mention office buildings and hotels. Whether you just need your sidewalks cleaned or your need the entire exterior and/or roof cleaned, we have the right equipment for the job. For your sidewalks we use a 30” surface cleaner that is designed just to clean concrete. On your building exterior we use a “soft wash” system where we apply a cleaning solution that kills the algae but doesn’t damage your building. We use an air pump powered by an air compressor which produces only 90 PSI but can deliver up to 17 gallons per minute. That is just a little more pressure than your garden hose produces. That allows us to easily clean a 3-story building from the ground.

Pressure Washing

– our pressure washer is 3500PSI and produces 8 gallons per minute which is large enough for any job. We can rinse up to 3 stories or clean large parking lots.

Soft Wash

– our soft wash system is gentle on your vinyl or stucco but allows us to reach 3 stories from the ground. We only use 90 PSI to apply our cleaning chemicals so there is no chance of damage to the surface.

Hot Water

– when hot water is needed to remove ground in chewing gum or oil stains, we’ve got it. Our pressure washer, with a diesel heater can produce 200-degree water in under a minute. When hot water is needed, nothing else will do.

Is Insurance Important?

Most of the time; no. But when you need it you have to have it. In all the business’s I’ve owned over 35 years I’ve only filed one claim, but I’ve always has insurance. We carry $1,000,000 general liability which includes $25,000 Care, Custody and Control (CCC), along with complete auto coverage.