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Pressure Washing Services For Businesses, Multi-family, Office Buildings, Parking Lots & more.

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In addition to cleaning and pressure washing residential properties, Quality Pressure Washing of Houston works with commercial properties to keep their businesses looking clean and attractive to customers. Dirty, stained, gum-speckled concrete, walkways and building exteriors can be a huge “turn-off” to customers — causing them to consciously or unconsciously look elsewhere for the products and/or services you provide. Regularly scheduled cleaning and pressure washing will keep your place looking new and inviting. We also work with industrial companies, providing cleaning of heavy equipment and doing plant clean up.

Services we provide include:

COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL Pressure Washing Services:

  • Multi Family Projects
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Parking Lots

As a professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning company, we use only modern, environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques (including Soft Wash*), and utilize specialized power washing equipment and cleaning solutions, to provide you with exceptional service and value for the money — every time. Depending on the type of surface or substrate that needs to be cleaned, Quality Pressure Washing of Houston will incorporate one of the following cleaning techniques:

1. Pressure Washing: In many cases it is still the most effective cleaning technique. Our equipment uses water with pressures up to 3,500 psi to blast away even hard-to-remove grime and build up, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. This process is normally only used on hard surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks and patios, etc.

2. Soft Wash: A relatively new technique, Soft Washing utilizes commercial cleaning solvents and low pressure water washing to effectively clean surfaces without damaging the material underneath. This is now the preferred cleaning method for many, many surfaces. We use a special spray gun to apply proprietary cleaning solutions — without pressure. The solution “works” on the algae, mildew and grime — then it is gently washed away, leaving you with surfaces that look like new.

3. Hot Water Pressure Washing: when hot water is needed to remove ground in chewing gum or oil stains, we’ve got it. Our pressure washer, with a diesel heater can produce 200-degree water in under a minute. When hot water is needed, nothing else will do.

*Quality Pressure Washing of Houston incorporates environmentally safe cleaning techniques, and uses equipment and solutions that are environmentally-friendly.

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