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Over years of exposure to natural elements, the exterior of a beautiful home accumulates algae, grime, dirt, and stains. In many cases, a homeowner may not notice these gradual changes until the appearance of the outside of their home obviously needs attention.

Conventional wisdom has it that a quick spray with a hose will do the trick, but in most cases this does nothing to improve the appearance or cleanliness of your home’s roof, paneling, and exterior walls. As an established company that has conducted pressure washing in Houston for several years, we’re here to tell you that nothing enhances the look of your home more quickly or efficiently than a thorough pressure wash cleaning. Most people are shocked by what a huge difference it makes when they see the results after a high-quality cleaning of the exterior of their home. Exteriors of brick, siding or Hardi-plank, vinyl, wood, and stucco all sparkle like new after being pressure washed.

In addition to improving your home’s curb appeal, hiring a residential pressure washer in Houston to conduct regular cleanings also helps to keep your home a healthy living environment. If left unattended, dirt, algae, mildew and grime will slowly accumulate on exterior surfaces. Besides being unsightly, this creates an opportune environment for the growth of mold and spores that can be dangerous to the health of your loved ones. Regular pressure washing eliminates these accumulations, ensuring that your home not only looks great but poses no health risks to your visiting family and friends.

Quality Pressure Washing of Houston also places a high priority on incorporating environmentally safe cleaning techniques, equipment and solutions. We live here in Houston, too—and we care about keeping things clean for all of our neighbors.

The Soft Wash Method

A relatively new technique, Soft Washing utilizes commercial cleaning solvents and low-pressure water washing to effectively clean surfaces without damaging the material underneath. This is now the preferred cleaning method for houses, roofs, fences and decks. We use a special spray gun to apply proprietary cleaning solutions to your house or roof — without pressure. The solution “works” on the algae, mildew and grime — then it is gently washed away, leaving you with surfaces that look like new

Unlike many companies, we have a totally separate air compressor and air pump which we use as a dedicated “soft wash system”. It creates 90 PSI which is a little more than a garden hose but will deliver the cleaning solution to the top of a 3-story building. We use this on everything from a brick mailbox in your front yard to a multi-story office building. This allows us to apply a solution that kills the algae and then it is rinsed off with plain water. By eliminating high pressure, we don’t take the chance of damaging vinyl, hardy plank, stucco or even grout lines. It is the safest way to clean without damaging the surface being cleaned.


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Your home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make. Keep it clean, safe, healthy and looking new with a pressure washing by Quality Pressure Washing of Houston.

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