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Our brick cleaning services include:
  • Walls
  • Pavers
  • Chimneys
  • Mailbox holders

Bricks are mostly on home exteriors, but they also make up walls, pavers, chimneys, and mailbox holders, too. Algae, grime and mildew from sprinkler system spray and lack of sun accumulate on the bricks over time, making them look ugly and dingy and old. Whether your home is relatively new and the bricks on the “shady side” of the house are starting to mildew, or you have an older home with years of accumulated build-up on them, Quality Pressure Washing of Houston can clean and restore your brickwork without damaging the bricks or their substrate materials. For cleaning brick, a combination of cleaning solutions and moderate pressure is used to safely clean your brickwork. Bricks (and especially the mortar) can be damaged by high-pressure wash cleaning, and high pressure washing is no longer regarded as a desirable method of cleaning brick. Unfortunately, sometimes inexperienced contractors will still use high-pressure washers on brick and mortar, and before they realize what has happened, there is permanent damage to the exterior of your home. The use of the correct cleaning solutions along with minimal water pressure to get in to all the crevices will safely and effectively clean your brick.