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If your roof is asphalt shingle, tile, or even the old cedar shake shingle, cleaning the black streaks that accumulate on them will make your home radiate with new appeal. Cleaning your roof every few years will prolong the life of your roof, saving thousands of dollars in the replacement cost of a new roof. Those ugly black streaks that you see up there are actually algae — a type of algae that forms in climates that have lots of heat and humidity (sound familiar?). And that algae can eat away at the integrity of your shingles, causing them to rot and need replacement much earlier than anticipated. At Quality Pressure Washing of Houston, we use only the Soft Wash system when cleaning roofs. This method cleans your roof thoroughly, without using high-pressure water that could damage your roof. We use environmentally safe cleaning solutions combined with low-pressure water to clean your roof safely. (Using high-pressure water blasting can actually damage roof shingles!) Most roof cleaning jobs are done without a technician ever having to actually walk on the roof. In certain cases where they must set foot on a roof, our technicians have the training, experience and equipment to so it safely — without any harm to your roof — or them! When you are ready to get rid of those ugly, shingle-eating black streaks on your roof — and help prolong the life of your roof shingles.

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