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A clean exterior can really add value to your property. For instance, if you have recently listed your home for sale; a freshly cleaned exterior might be the edge you need to make a sale. If you are a business owner, a clean exterior will leave a great first impression with your customers. A sparkling exterior tells your customers that you value cleanliness and you have fine attention to detail. These are qualities that are particularly important to patrons of restaurants – especially if the outside of your business is stained with graffiti or a gum stained sidewalk.

There are multiple options for exterior cleaning in Houston. In some cases pressure washing may be appropriate, and in other cases, you might be better served by soft washing your property. There are some fairly important differences you should be aware of before you call a pressure washing company in Houston.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is pressure washing using hot water.  It is used to clean sidewalks, concrete or drive ways where there are grease, oil or other stains. It is an effective means to remove chewing gum, oil stains, tire marks, and other difficult stains. Not all power washing companies in Houston offer hot-water power washing, but when the application calls for it, it can be the most effective cleaning technique.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is almost the same as power washing except that the latter applies very hot water. Both methods produce about 3500 PSI. Pressure is used to break down dirt, grime, even paint in order to clean without chemicals and without scrubbing. Surfaces like decks, patios, and walkways respond well to this treatment and it’s ideal if a surface is difficult to clean by hand.  A technician will be able to create more or less pressure as needed.

At Quality Pressure Washing of Houston we use a Hydro Tek pressure washer with a hot water attachment, which allows us to deliver hot water at over 200 degrees. We don’t need it every day, but when we run into gum or an oil stain, nothing works better than hot water. For oil stains we add a de-greaser to help remove the shadow of the oil stain.

What is Soft Washing?

This is not a method utilizing cloth and bucket, but another method using a low pressure washer (about 300 PSI). A mixture of water and solvents or chemicals is applied at the lower pressure and left on for a period of time enabling the mixture is soften and dissolve the dirt grime and algae. It is then washed off using a high volume of fresh water. If everything has not been removed, the process is repeated. Soft wash is a relatively new concept and many companies don’t have a “low pressure” delivery system. We use a “Water Dragon” pump system which delivers up to 10 gallons per minute at 200 – 300 PSI. This enables us to thoroughly clean your roof, vinyl siding, cedar fence, or anything else that might be damaged by high pressure.

If you have questions about whether or not pressure washing, power washing, or soft washing is appropriate for your property, call Quality Pressure Washing of Houston today at (832) 278-2305 for a free consultation.


Quality Pressure Washing of Houston recently completed our largest commercial pressure washing job to date. We were hired to clean the fascia, gable ends, columns, dormers and any other areas in stone or stucco for a large church in west Houston. After we finished the cleaning, we went back and applied a sealer to all the cleaned surfaces. The church is located just off Sam Houston Parkway (Beltway 8) in west Houston. The job needed to be completed between December 21 and January 4 because the school was closed during that time. As you can see from the attached pictures, all of the areas to be cleaned were at least 15’ high and the gable ends and fascia were 30’ to 45’ high. In order to reach the areas to be cleaned, almost all the work was done from a 125’ telescopic boom with a jib. The job required 2 men in the boom (one to drive and one to do the cleaning) and one on the ground to manage the hoses. In addition to the crew of 3 we had a safety engineer on site the entire time to make sure we were OSHA compliant. We completed the job in 8 days.

We love both residential and commercial pressure washing jobs, as the mix of property types keeps it interesting. It was exciting to do such a large job, and one that many people will see and appreciate. And well doing a church, well that just makes you feel special too. If your business or church has special needs for a power washing job, or you need work done on a weekend or in a special time frame, please call or text us for a free quote. We are fully insured for your protection, and can furnish insurance paperwork as needed. We also work with property managers, apartment complexes, and homeowners associations.


Commercial buildings and outdoor concrete surfaces such as parking lots and walkways take a real beating from dirt, grime, oil, grease, gum, pollution and changing weather conditions. Without a regularly scheduled professional cleaning and maintenance program in place, your commercial business in Houston can begin to fall apart, in more ways than one.

Here are three reasons you should schedule at least one service from a commercial pressure washer in Houston every year, instead of every now and then:

  1. Protect your business now from needing future repairs! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your business from future damage. Pressure washing removes mold and mineral build-up on exterior surfaces before it can get established and cause major issues with exterior finishes on the building. On buildings such as churches that feature a variety of arches, turrets, and hidden corners, pressure washing can sometimes be the only way to ensure that every nook and cranny has been thoroughly cleaned. This effective cleaning process results in a much cleaner and healthier environment for clients and customers, and can save you thousands of dollars in extensive future repairs.
  2. Pressure washing is safe for the environment and your customers. Many of our clients initially express concerns with the safety of the cleaning methods utilized by our team in high traffic areas. Quality Pressure Washing of Houston has worked on many apartment and commercial buildings in the past and we incorporate environmentally safe cleaning techniques and solutions guaranteed to not pose any threat to the health and safety of tenants and customers. We use high-temperature and eco-friendly cleaning methods to ensure run-off will not damage your building’s landscaping as well, which can also be a major concern for Home Owner’s Associations or building owners.
  3. Your building’s exterior is the first thing a visitor sees! Never discount the impact a first impression can have on a potential or existing customer. Stained and dirty gum-speckled concrete, walkways and building exteriors can be a huge “turn-off” to customers. A business that does not take steps to ensure a positive appearance may very well cause potential customers to consciously or unconsciously look elsewhere for the products and/or services you provide.  Regularly scheduled cleaning and commercial pressure washing will keep your place looking inviting, and shows that your business is effective and attentive to detail. Quality Pressure Washing of Houston works with a variety of commercial office complexes to keep their businesses looking clean and attractive to customers. We offer cleaning of heavy equipment and doing plant clean up when daily maintenance cleaning is not enough.

Our quality commercial pressure washing in Houston will keep any and all of your commercial properties looking like new! The combination of our professional cleaning expertise and modern pressure washing techniques and surface cleaning equipment deliver consistently outstanding results for all types of business properties.

As a professional commercial pressure washing and exterior cleaning company, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and value for the money — every time.  Call us today at 832-278-2305 to request your free estimate or schedule an appointment.