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Quality Pressure Washing of Houston recently completed our largest commercial pressure washing job to date. We were hired to clean the fascia, gable ends, columns, dormers and any other areas in stone or stucco for a large church in west Houston. After we finished the cleaning, we went back and applied a sealer to all the cleaned surfaces. The church is located just off Sam Houston Parkway (Beltway 8) in west Houston. The job needed to be completed between December 21 and January 4 because the school was closed during that time. As you can see from the attached pictures, all of the areas to be cleaned were at least 15’ high and the gable ends and fascia were 30’ to 45’ high. In order to reach the areas to be cleaned, almost all the work was done from a 125’ telescopic boom with a jib. The job required 2 men in the boom (one to drive and one to do the cleaning) and one on the ground to manage the hoses. In addition to the crew of 3 we had a safety engineer on site the entire time to make sure we were OSHA compliant. We completed the job in 8 days.

We love both residential and commercial pressure washing jobs, as the mix of property types keeps it interesting. It was exciting to do such a large job, and one that many people will see and appreciate. And well doing a church, well that just makes you feel special too. If your business or church has special needs for a power washing job, or you need work done on a weekend or in a special time frame, please call or text us for a free quote. We are fully insured for your protection, and can furnish insurance paperwork as needed. We also work with property managers, apartment complexes, and homeowners associations.

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